• Aloe Blacc
    "I need a dollar, a dollar is what i need. Bad times are comin and i reap what i don't sow. hey hey." [I need a dollar]
  • Apocalyptica
    "If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, I don't care." [I don't care]
  • Arcade fire
    If I was yours, but I'm not. Now I'm ready to start." [Ready to start]
  • Böhse Onkelz
    Nicht fähig zu lieben, oder liebe ich die Qual, liebe ich den Schmerz, bin ich nicht normal? [Bin ich nur glücklich wenn es schmerzt?]
  • Incubus
    "Love hurts... But sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like I'm alive." [Love hurts]
  • Korn
    "The basic beast inside; it's right here, it's controlling my mind!" [Evolution]
  • Mattafix
    "Don't let the system get you down." [Big city life]
  • Middle class rut
    "I've been right, I've been left. I've been wrong, I've been left." [New low]
  • Nine inch nails
    "I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel, I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real" [Hurt]
  • Rammstein
    Und der Haifisch, der hat Tränen und die laufen vom Gesicht, doch der Haifisch lebt im Wasser, so die Tränen sieht man nicht." [Haifisch]
  • Shinedown
    "Someone save me if you will and take away all these pills." [Save me]
  • Smashing Pumpkins
    "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage, then someone will say what is lost can never be saved." [Bullet with butterfly wings]